The name "Eight Points" is in reference to each corner of the fire department Maltese Cross: Observation, Tact, Dexterity, Explicitness, Perseverance, Sympathy, Gallantry, and Loyalty.  These virtues are the foundation of the fire service, hence they are the foundation for this company.   

Eight Points Education & Training is a training company designed for public safety professionals across the State of Florida.  There are many training companies available, but Eight Points provides the student the ability to have classroom based education and most classes are completed in the span of a single week.  ​

What truly sets us apart from the rest, is the  "on-demand" concept, where classes can come by request and can be hosted in a reasonable amount of time to fit your educational needs. Why spend 30 days on a computer when you can finish the same class in four or five days?  All for the same price!