Upcoming Schedule: 

2021 Class Schedule

Incident Safety Officer - June 7th-11th

ICS 300 (7/26-7/28) & ICS 400 (7/29-30)

Health/Safety Officer - (July 19th-23rd)

Cause & Origin - (July 12th-16th, 2021)

Building Construction - (Aug. 23rd - 27th)

Legal Issues/Safety Officer - (Aug 9 - 13)

Fire Chemistry - (Aug. 2nd-6th, 2021)

Course Delivery - (Sept. 21st-24th, 2021)

Arson Investigator - (Sept. 13th-17th)

Tactics I - (Oct. 11th-15th, 2021)

Course Design - (Oct. 18th-22nd, 2021)

Private Fire Systems II​ - (Oct. 6th-9th, 2021)


Tactics II - (Nov. 22-27th, 2021)

Latent Investigations - (Nov. 15th-19th)


Prevention Practices - (Dec. 13th-17th, 2021)

PIO - (Dec. 6th-10th, 2021)

Courses Offered and Certificate Prerequisites:

Florida Pump Operator Series:

          Fire Service Hydraulics

          Apparatus Operations

          Aerial Ops (Not required for P/O)

Florida Safety Officer Series:


          Incident Safety Officer                       Health & Safety Officer

          Fire Officer I                                         Legal Issues for the Safety Officer

         Courage to Safe - Link                        Courage to Safe - Link 

Florida Fire Officer Series:

     FIRE OFFICER 1                                 FIRE OFFICER 2                              FIRE OFFICER 3                         FIRE OFFICER 4

         Building  Construction                        Fire Service Course Design           Chief Officer                                Community Risk Reduction                 Company Officer Leadership            Tactics and Strategy II                    Analytical Approaches              Personnel Management

          Fire Service Course Delivery            Fire Prevention Practices               Legal/Ethical Issues                  Strategic Planning

          Tactics and Strategy I                        Private Fire Systems I                    ICS-400                                        Quantitative Analysis



Florida Fire Instructor Series:

     FIRE INSTRUCTOR I                          FIRE INSTRUCTOR II                       FIRE INSTRUCTOR III

         Fire Service Course Delivery             Fire Service Course Delivery          Fire Service Course Delivery

         6 Years of FD Service                         Fire Service Course Design            Fire Service Course Design        

                                                                        6 Years of FD Service                      6 Years of FD Service

                                                                        Associate's Degree                          Bachelor's Degree                

Florida Fire Inspector Series:

     FIRE INSPECTOR I                             FIRE INSPECTOR II            

          Fire Prevention Practices                  Fire Chemistry

          Private Fire Systems I                        Private Fire Systems II

          Building Construction                         Origin & Cause

          Documents & Plans Review              Plus on of the following:           

       Codes & Standards                             Fire & Life Safety Educator I

                                                                         Public Information Officer

Florida Arson Investigator Series:

         Building Construction

         Fire Chemistry

         Origin and Cause          

         Private Fire Systems I

         Arson Investigations

         Latent Investigations

         Legal Issues for Investigators - Not offered by Eight Points

         Post Blast Investigations -  Not offered by Eight Points

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